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Confessions of a Coffee Convert

I might as well come clean. There’s no harm in being honest. Simply put, I hated coffee.

Despite peer influences, marketing campaigns and the sheer fact that I would find it everywhere I would go, from homes of relatives and friends, office meetings, restaurants of all types, even concession stands and church socials…coffee was omnipresent.

And I still hated it.

More so, I just didn’t get it. I wasn’t moved by the smell. I placed the notion of “a good cup of coffee” alongside those like the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, and the Tooth Fairy. I couldn’t understand the appeal, but I knew it was unmistakable. How else could Starbucks coerce people to pay $6.00 for something they could just as easily make at home?

One day, a friend of mine was eating lunch with me and the waitress serving us asked me if I wanted coffee. I immediately told her I didn’t drink coffee. She gave me a surprised look, smiled, and offered me hot tea. My friend asked me why I didn’t drink coffee, and I told her it was because I never liked the taste. She smiled, and then asked me to try hers.

To humor her, I agreed. She prepared it black, with added sugar. I tried it.

I was shocked! It looked like coffee. It smelled just like most of the coffee I’ve ever smelled. It didn’t taste like any coffee I’ve had. Sure, I realized that you could “kill” the taste by adding all sorts of fresh ground spices, flavored creams and syrups…but she only sweetened the brew. Surprised, but ever more curious, I sampled more.

By the time I finished the cup, I had to admit to her that I liked it. The admission was painful…but the flavors I detected eased that pain. All I know is that I didn’t mind having more.

So what drove the transformation? Why the change now? I’ve had perked, freeze-dried, slow-brewed and coffee mellowed with chicory, but the results were always the same: warm bitterness that adding things like sugar, syrups and cinnamon couldn’t fix. What was different?

She asked me “why” I liked the taste. I told her I first noticed that there was no bitterness. I fully expected to face that first, but the taste never descended to anything sharp. Actually, the texture was quite smooth. The next thing I told her was how complex the flavors were. I tasted high notes, middle notes and finish, which were all different but nonetheless enjoyable. I didn’t just gulp the coffee: I savored it. I let it bathe my tongue because I wanted to know exactly why I liked something I’ve always hated.

Firstly, the coffee is not freeze dried, so the flavor is still untouched. Packed in individual envelopes, it is completely portable and mess-free when preparing. Secondly, I learned the coffee was infused with a Chinese herb called Ganoderma Lucidum (or “Reishi” in Cantonese), which has been for its rejuvenating qualities. There are claims that the herb can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, anti-inflammatory effects, and increase the body’s oxygen processing, and that may be true. But I enjoyed it because there was no bitterness or aftertaste to the coffee, no
stomach upset that I’ve experience with other coffee blends, and no “blah” feeling because of the inevitable caffeine crash.

I sampled the gourmet black blend, but there are other coffee flavors: gourmet latte (with the sugar and cream already infused), gourmet mocha (with drinking chocolate infused), a green tea blend and hot chocolate.

Tracy Walters, my new friend, is an independent distributor of Organo Gold products (contact me and I will get you in touch with her).

“Hi, my name is Andrew, and I love coffee now…”

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About the Author

Tracy Walters, Century Three Chevrolet
2430 Lebanon Church Road
West Mifflin, PA 15122
412-466-9210 ext. 3287

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